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BEST FILMINUTE We always set a goal to bring together an international jury as critically insightful and creative as any jury of any major festival. This year we welcome JENNIFER BAICHWAL, ISABELLE DANEL, KRISTEN SCHAAL, WAIN CHOI, & KHRIS BURTON. Together with John Ketchum and Sabaa Quao from Filminute, they will select the Best Filminute and will also award 5 Jury Commendations.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE – You decide! Audiences are encouraged to rate and comment on the films, as well as to vote for their favourite film in the collection. You will be presented with voting options at the end of each film. However, CHOOSE CAREFULLY! Because you only get ONE VOTE! And, as important as ever, SHARE your favorite films via social media. Filminute audiences grow dramatically when we share the films, and the filmmakers appreciate it!

CINECOUP - Filminute is pleased to once again partner with CineCoup. The CineCoup prize ($2,500 CAD) will be awarded to one of the 25 films shortlisted at Filminute 2014.

Visit to learn more about CineCoup's disruptive business model, as well as the newly launched ComedyCoup. The CineCoup Film Accelerator delivers production financing and guaranteed distribution to indie filmmakers. CineCoup was launched in Canada and will be expanding their film accelerator model in several international markets.

Read the Filminute Interview with CineCoup co-founder J.Joly here

J. Joly is the Founder and CEO of the CineCoup Film Accelerator. He is also an award-winning short film director who has worked at every level of production on film and television in Canada, He is also the founder of OverInteractive Media, an award winning digital agency focused on branded gamification and social TV strategies for clients that include CBC, Disney/ABC & The Weinstein Company,

1) WHY DID YOU LAUNCH CINECOUP? While my focus for the last five years has been on digital media and the technology sector, my passion for film and my relationships with people and events in the industry has remained strong. And I noticed that while access to the means of production and audiences globally has gotten much easier, the conversation with and amongst independent filmmakers had become more and more about the difficulty in getting funding and about the system being broken.

For me, where there’s pain, there’s opportunity. So I took a good long look at it from an entrepreneur’s perspective. I approached the new world of filmmaking like I would a tech start-up and figured that if I could create a robust platform that put the audience first and reduced the risk by allowing for money to be raised in stages according to feedback and momentum, I would have a potentially very disruptive and attractive model that today’s filmmakers and producers would welcome.

2) WHAT HAS BEEN THE REACTION? The reaction has been fantastic. Like any start-up – especially in the film industry – it’s had its fair share of critics. However, the support of Canada’s GrowLab, Cineplex (leading Canadian chain of movie theatres) and key players who joined the CineCoup team has been superb and the results speak for themselves.

The first 15-week pilot launched in February 2013 and generated more than 2 million views on Visitors spent an average of more than 5 minutes viewing over 18 hours of filmmaker video content. The project garnered in excess of 115, 000 Facebook fans, 75,000-plus Twitter followers, and over 200,000 earned-media impressions.

Most rewarding for me, though, has been the discovery of phenomenal, young entrepreneurially-minded filmmaking talent. The 10 films that we ended up optioning are a prime example of what exists out there and what filmmakers are capable of when given the tools to make it happen. Moreover, it’s not just Canada! 32% of our traffic comes from abroad. So I strongly encourage filmmakers in the Filminute community to visit the CineCoup site and see for themselves what these filmmakers have done. And who knows, one day that could be you.

3) WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS? After proving the model works, we’re working hard now on the international roll out. We’ll start with America, yet we’re also looking hard at other countries from Australia to Brazil. I encourage courageous, forward-thinking producers from film-loving nations worldwide to visit the site and get in touch with us. We see CineCoup acting as a country itself, enabling filmmakers from around the world to get their ideas out there and to network with other filmmakers, and, as well, for film fans to develop relationships with up-and-coming film talent globally. And we’re not limiting ourselves to film… TeleCoup and SoniCoup are also being developed and will roll out in the near future.

4) WHY DID YOU PARTNER WITH FILMINUTE? We’re fans of Filminute and see a number of similarities between the two initiatives. Both are accessible platforms that challenge filmmakers as well as offer them the opportunity to test out their ideas in front of a wider audience. We’re impressed by Filminute’s international reach and by the quality of films and juries the festival attracts. The future of independent filmmaking is in initiatives like CineCoup and Filminute.

5) WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN THE FILM THAT WILL WIN THE CINECOUP PRIZE AT FILMINUTE 2013? The same thing we look for from filmmakers who take on the CineCoup challenge: original and powerful ideas that connect with a broad segment of the population, that are capable of generating strong audience enthusiasm, and that are made by brave and fearless filmmakers! Can’t wait to see this year’s Filminute films!