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Filminute and CineCoup are excited to announce that Ignacio Rodo has won the 2017 CineCoup Award for his film 'INDIGO.' The film was chosen for it's clear narrative, powerful performances, and strong emotional arc, as well as its success with both the jury (commendation), and the public (including runner-up for People's Choice).

With this win, Ignacio becomes the first filmmaker to take home the CineCoup Award twice! More than that, the 2017 award includes commitment and resources (approx $10,000CAN) from both Filminute and CineCoup in support of the development of a pitch-ready, feature film project from Ignacio's work.

On behalf of Filminute and CineCoup, as well as the entire Filminute community, Felicitaciones Ignacio and good luck!

Watch the original film here.

Ignacio F. Rodo
“Nowadays, development seems to be a lost art in the world of film production. All too often as a filmmaker you are on your own for this. How refreshing then to be put through a challenging creative process that brings experts to the table and new ideas to the treatment. Being forced to both defend my ideas as well as consider new ones, has really enriched the story and strengthened my approach to it. I’m very excited now for the screenwriting phase!” — Filmmaker Ignacio F. Rodo, winner of the Filminute 2017 CineCoup Award for the film 'INDIGO.'

The development process for the Filminute 2017 CineCoup Award-winning film ‘INDIGO’ is gathering momentum. Ignacio's original treatment received feedback from Filminute and CineCoup followed by a 3-day intensive story workshop in Bucharest at the end of March. Five more drafts then followed and now a professional screenwriter will work with Ignacio to complete the feature-length screenplay.

As filmmakers and industry professionals ourselves, the Filminute and CineCoup team leads on the project also highly value the role that a strong and challenging development process plays in helping filmmakers to realize the true potential of their stories and films. We are thrilled with the progress to date.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and months.