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Overall we felt Matthieu Van Eeckhout’s THE EVENING CIGARETTE (France) exemplifies some of the best aspects of what you can accomplish in this kind of microfilm format. The animation quality and sound design are excellent, and it balances a perfect mix of visuals, messaging, and humour. Congratulations!

We liked THE KISSING BOOTH (Canada) which we felt had one of the most coherent and complete narratives of any film in the festival. We also really liked the Hong Kong film LATE for its strong narrative and great use of suspense horror tropes, as well as its superb sound design and ending.

Telling a compelling story in a very short period of time like this is a harrowing task for any filmmaker, but one that is becoming increasingly necessary as fast-paced information dissemination and social media become cultural staples. This year at Filminute 2013 we saw a diverse range of approaches to this task from across the globe, where no two films had the same solution. The innovation and courage we saw from the filmmakers this year represents what we at CineCoup envision as essential for the future of this industry. History and progress are born here, so keep watching!

The CineCoup Team.

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