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  1. What is PG-13?
    Filminute films are designed for an audience that is over 13 years of age. For those under 13, Filminute suggests parents screen films first as some film themes may not be ideal.

  2. What is Filminute?
    Filminute is the international one-minute film festival that challenges filmmakers, writers, animators, artists, designers, and creative producers to develop and submit the world's best one-minute films.

  3. What makes a great One-Minute film?
    The best one-minute films resonate beyond one minute and affect audiences the same way any great film does. The challenge, of course, is to do it all in 60 seconds - no more, no less. To best understand, we encourage you to look at the Filminute 2013 Winners

  4. Does it cost anything to submit a film to Filminute?
    No, non, nu, ne, nyet, nee, nein…it’s FREE!

  5. Can I submit more than one film to the festival?
    Filmmakers may submit as many films as they like, as long as they fill out a submission form for each individual film. click here for submission form

  6. Which film genres, themes or subject matters are acceptable?
    All films must be narrative-driven (tell a story). Filminute accepts fiction, documentary, animation and ‘mash-up’.

  7. What else should I know before submitting my film?
    Submitted films must have all the rights to film, music etc. Content created to promote a business, product or service will not be accepted.

  8. What are the technical specs for Film Submissions?
    In addition to films being exactly 60 seconds (to be clear, they must be within 10 frames on either side of 60:00), they must also be produced at broadcast quality. Films submitted for review must either link to another page or be sent at maximum 15MB (30MB max by file transfer). Films that are then chosen for the 25-film shortlist, must be provided in .mov, or .mpeg2 format, with screen dimensions – 720X480 (NTSC), or 720X576 (PAL) and a 16:9 Aspect Ratio

  9. What are the Filminute Award Categories?
    An A-list international Filminute jury from the film, arts and communication industries selects ‘Best Filminute’ as well as 5 Jury Commendations. The public select the ‘People’s Choice’ and ‘Top Rated’ Awards.

  10. What are the prizes?
    Filminute provides physical trophies to all winners, as well as exposure to global audiences, global media and global communications professionals. Filminute also provides opportunities to award-winners and shortlisted directors in the form of networking, licensing and commissioned work. Finding new opportunities for our filmmakers is an ongoing process.

  11. What are the key dates for Filminute?
    Submissions are due by midnight, August 20th, and the festival runs from September 1- 30. Awards will be announced October 7th, 2014

  12. How do I keep up with the latest Filminute news?
    Visit our newsroom ; ask to receive our newsletter and join our online communities: Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIN.

  13. Why is Filminute an international festival?
    Filminute believes in a global community that is passionate about the art of filmmaking and great storytelling! Filminute offers professional filmmakers and artists from every corner of the world an equal opportunity to be considered for our annual 25-film shortlist.

  14. Can I undertake Work Experience?
    Yes! We encourage current students and graduates from any discipline to get in touch as we always have opportunities, including for our brand ambassador program. For more information, email us at

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